THIS is a very stressful time for everyone all over the world so make sure you are putting yourself first and prioritizing your overall health and wellness taking proper steps to reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure you stay connected to reliable resources getting informative facts to communicate with your families,children and loved ones .  I would like to share some tips to help us stay healthy during this time but remember I am only making suggestions. I am not diagnosing or treating anyone. If you are going to make any healthy lifestyle changes always consult your medical practitioners or doctors to make sure it is the correct change for you, mentally and physically.

TIPS to stay healthy 

Recent data has shown that people with chronic conditions such as Diabetes,heart disease and lung disease are at a much higher risk or severe complications from COVID-19. You can take actions which will help to keep your body healthy .

Smoking and vaping could put you at a greater risk of developing severe complications from COVID- 19 because your lungs are already being compromised and vulnerable. Not smoking will help improve lung function which reduces threats to respiratory illness and improves immune function even with benefits not directly related to COVID-19.

Keep diabetes under control. If you have a regiment with a balanced diet  that your doctor has prescribed please follow it so your blood sugars will be balanced.Ensure that you have adequate supplies of equipment for testing and medication on hand because as you see we have been put on lockdown all over the world.Keep simple carbs near to help your sugar to stay up in case of a  diabetic crisis. 

Exercise in whatever way that you see fit during this time of social distancing for instance if you like to dance turn on the music and dance and the music will help to get your mind off of this worldwide pandemic.

Keep your blood pressure under control by eliminating sodium intake and limiting alcohol, which helps to maintain a healthy weight . Eat healthy and get plenty of rest. We will get over this globally. Keep a great mind set and don’t focus on every bit of media that you hear and see because we still have scammerS lurking waiting to take advantage of people that have suffered from COVID-19 Symptoms include initial flu-like symptoms,fever breathing difficulties coughing,fatigue,myalgia 

Incubation 1 to14 days

Human to Human transmission via respiratory droplets

Other prevention tips 

Avoiding close contact with individuals that are sick or showing signs frequently wash your hands ,avoid touching the eyes nose,or mouth with hand that are unwashed and practicing good respiratory hygiene like i mentioned above







Doc Honeycutt#3154,ND,EMT#PO64717,LMBT,CD

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